Glasswasher Sales & Repairs
Softner Regeneration

To regenerate a 12 litre resin-filled softener follow these steps:

1. Switch off the machine, put the loose end of short clear tube from the top valve into a bucket.  Put the loose end of the bottom clear tube into the drain or sink and turn both red levers to the right

2. Undo and remove the lid and bracket.  Approximately 3 pints will drain into the bucket.

3. Pour 2 pints or 1 kg of softener salt into the softener, replace the lid and bracket and tighten finger tight.

4. Turn the top red lever to the right.  Salty water will flow from the bottom clear hose, let it run for forty minutes or until it is clear then turn the bottom lever to the left.

The machine is now ready to use again.

You should do this every week to prevent the need for frequent descaling.